My #GIRLBOSS Book list:

Hello, loves!

Listed below are 3 books I am currently reading that are great reads if you are looking for something that appeal to your inner #GIRLBOSS goals for this upcoming New Year! 1. and 2. are non-fiction & 3. is a good suspenseful thriller fiction read that will leave you gripping to the edge of your seat {it’s also a featured film starring: Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively}

  1. Girl, wash your face by: Rachel Hollis
  2. You are a Badass by: Jen Sincero
  3. A Simple Favor by: Darcy Bell


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  1.  Girl, wash your face, literally should be the holy grail of all self-help books. THIS BOOK gave me all the feels!  It will give you so much inspiration if you are seeking to flourish and live an authentic and fulfilled life as a strong woman.  Author, Rachel Hollis is the perfect mentor/ life coach in this inspiring book.  I feel like she could literally be my best friend. She is absolutely hilarious and her tone and perception in this book have truly impacted me personally when it comes to my own self worth & confidence even on this journey to starting my  first blog. She made me feel like it’s totally normal to feel like you don’t have your life 100% figured out, even in your mid 30’s or 40’s, and that is COMPLETELY OKAY! She is fearlessly honest, and her humor in this book really helps you to understand so many misconceptions you may be having when it comes to life and the challenges that can be thrown at you. I love how she explores her own experiences and stories- you will see you can so easily relate to the roller coasters of emotions she has in careers, motherhood,  marriage, friendships, health, social media. It’s an exceptional read and I highly recommend it if you are looking for that motivational read.
  2. You are a BADASS, also another great motivational book.  I was reading a lot of mixed reviews about this one. However, I personally enjoyed this read, but I am also a person who is not battling depression and generally have been pretty positive and optimistic most my entire life, no matter what life throws at me; thats not to say I don’t have days where my emotions can get the best of me, we are all human, but this book really gave me motivation to 1. play the part to get the part 2. Open yourself up to the world, and don’t be afraid to fail. 3. Just live an AWESOME LIFE.  The author, Jen Sincero writes in a very digestible way to her readers, but if you are looking for the “unicorns and rainbows” approach, you wont find it in her book. I feel like her approach is the tough love kind. Some reviews I read felt that this book was very “triggering” for those with clinical depression and that the author gives off the mentality of:  ” Well, why don’t you just stop being depressed” Personally for me, I was able to ignore the parts that I didn’t necessarily connect with, but if you are battling depression, the over all consensus I felt after reading many reviews was this may not be the book for you, but again, to each to their own. I suggest it to those who are looking for motivation to bring greatness in your life with your personal goals and stop doubting yourself.
  3. A Simple favor, This book is a super good thriller with lots of twists and turns. The novel is by Darcey Bell and centers around the characters: HERE IS THE PLOT:  Stephanie ( played by Anna Kendrick in the movie) a single-mom blogger who seeks to uncover the truth behind her  “questionable” best friend Emily’s (Blake Lively in the film) disappearance in a small town in Connecticut.  The story is told through Stephanie, Emily, and Emilys husband, Sean. The characters are very intriguing; Stephanie portrays as this “know it all” helicopter  Mom who has it all together, kind of very opinionated on the do’s and don’ts with motherhood, she is a blogger and seems like she doesn’t have a big social life aside from her blog. She is a stay at home Mom. Emily is very opposite of  Stephanie, she is married, rather glamorous and is a working Mom with a high powered, fancy job and lifestyle. The main bond they share are their kids are the same age and go to school together and go to each others homes for playdates with the kids, and socialize over wine, which is when they become friends. Then, Emily asks Stephanie for a “simple favor” one day, to pick her son up from school. Days later, Emily still hasn’t come home or contacted Stephanie. Stephanie is completely wrecked over her disappearance,  even blogging to her audiences to please help keep a look out and find her missing best friend. Stephanie continues to dig deep into Emily’s secrets as she seeks to uncover the truth to her disappearance. As time goes on, the plot thickens as  Stephanie gets close with Emily’s husband, Sean, as they are both emotionally distraught over Emily’s disappearance. It’s a super intriguing and suspenseful read, making you feel like you cannot trust any one of the characters, as the story unravels a triad of dysfunction.

Author: Samira Lee Valdez

I am 30 years old, a Jacksonville, FL native. Married in September 2016 to a wonderful man, who is a medically retired US ARMY veteran. I am a Critical Care RN who loves to share my life style inspirations and passions with my community of friends, family, & colleagues.

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