Start Today Journal. The Realest Resolution.



Who is tired of stopping & starting goals>>> Ummm, MEEEEEE, right here ya’ll, I’ll admit it whole heartily.

Seriously I have become a huge follower of Rachel Hollis, the well known author of, “Girl, wash your face.” I also have been enjoying following her RISE PODCAST. She speaks so many volumes of truth about goal setting and how the constant roller coaster of starting and stopping of these goals can be so discouraging and devour your self worth. One perfect example of this “yo-yo” effect is like every new year- everyone and their momma jumps up to get after it at the gym @ 5am after new years day, and then by April you literally see 1 car in the parking lot of LA Fitness. I am so tired of this repetitive way of living. Its like waxing & weaning your way through life, and I personally have had enough…

I, 100%… am a habitual offender of this… and this is the first time in my life that I  just want to stop making excuses, and make the goals I set up for myself a reality. It’s like Rachel says, “it’s time to take those dreams you have and put some work boots on them.”  Time to make them actual ACCOMPLISHED GOALS! Prime example, my husband and I started the Whole30 journey a few months ago, and in two weeks, I stopped because I was going out of town. Why did I even start if I couldn’t finish in the first place, UGH! Looking back, this makes me fume. Those two weeks were full of meal prepping, IG video stories of me cooking and encouraging others to join me, and countless trips to Publix— and then only to just STOP and reintroduce all the things I was depriving myself of those 2 weeks. Was it fear that made me stop? Fear of not accomplishing something can be scary. I think owning up to the failure of a goal is gut wrenching, but you’ve gotta own it.  I am tired of jumping on and off the band wagon. It’s time to make some moves here. I am more inspired now than ever.

Today is the first day I started the Start Today Journal. Rachel features this movement of taking action on her RISE, Podcast. Im using my own spiral notebook, nothing fancy. I  have become inspired by her motivation, and felt like it was certainly worthy of posting it here, after all,  my first dream on my list was to 1. Start my Blog, it starts with 1 dream, and 1 step. The approach is simple- just take it 1 dream and 1 step at a time, and always continue to have gratitude.



Author: Samira Lee Valdez

I am 30 years old, a Jacksonville, FL native. Married in September 2016 to a wonderful man, who is a medically retired US ARMY veteran. I am a Critical Care RN who loves to share my life style inspirations and passions with my community of friends, family, & colleagues.

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