Décor on a budget




Before I can even remember, I have always had this passion for designing and decorating spaces. From binge watching design shows on HGTV to casually just walking the aisles of Homegoods and TJ Maxx , I  continue to become endlessly inspired by beautiful décor for a home space. Your home is a place that brings you comfort and peace. It should reflect a personal message of what your home means to you and says about you, and it should make you feel a sense of joy and love. I would love to share with you all how you can so totally have this sense of joy and love in your home and while using a budget method.

Trust me, I have been there… I go into stores like IKEA or West Elm, and its all so overwhelming. IKEA is affordable but it’s just ginormous and obnoxious and you kind of have to have your ideas mapped out in your head before going in there and purchasing, not to mention find all the codes to find the items on the other side of the warehouse. West Elm is absolutely one of my biggest inspirational stores, that brings me so much excitement and joy when walking through their aisles, but then I look at this price tag, and my heart sinks to the floor.  So I also understand your frustration when you go looking for things for your home, and I have often asked myself the same questions: Why does it have to be so overwhelming or way too expensive to bring that inspiration and joy into decorating your home? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You can certainly design a beautiful space in your home and do it effortlessly and under a reasonable budget. I would love to share with you my method.

What I highly recommend you all to do as the first step is try to scan different home décor magazines or even Pinterest before you go shop. Get inspired. Find things that speak to you.  I always start with a notebook. I cut out color swatches, and pictures of pieces of furniture or spaces that inspire me and tape them inside a notebook; for some reason visually seeing things together in an inspiration journal makes it easier for me to pull ideas together.  Then  you can start with a focus object. For example my focus object for decorating our master bedroom started with a decorative pillow. I found this beautiful shaggy sand colored pillow at TJ Maxx.  I loved the texture, color, and how organic the pillow looked- and I thought immediately, I will build my space around this pillow, as crazy as that may sound… little by little, you can keep adding little features & just simply build your space around that small inspiration piece bringing in colors and pieces of art to blend your space together.








Author: Samira Lee Valdez

I am 30 years old, a Jacksonville, FL native. Married in September 2016 to a wonderful man, who is a medically retired US ARMY veteran. I am a Critical Care RN who loves to share my life style inspirations and passions with my community of friends, family, & colleagues.

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